An Illustrated Guide to Common Grasses Sedges and Rushes of New Zealand



Paul Champion | paperback | 182 pages | 2012

For many years those of us who have to identify grasses as part of our jobs or who just want to find out what plants are called have had to make do with tattered old copies of Lambrechsten’s What grass is that? or imported works on British or Australian grasses, like Hubbard’s Grasses of the British Isles. None of these books fully described the grasses now common in New Zealand, whose numbers have been boosted by the dramatic southward spread of sub-tropical grasses like Kikuyu, paspalum and the bristle grasses. This is the book that bridges the gap. Here at last is a full colour identification guide to grasses, sedges and rushes, groups of plants that are often confused and commonly put in the ‘too hard’ basket . ‘Too hard’ is no longer a valid excuse! This guide to grasses and grass-like plants is written for a wide audience, and features outstanding pictures of flowering plants as well as of the critical details needed for accurate identification. Features include an easy-to-follow format, with keys for each category (grass, sedge, rush) to aid identification, excellent colour photographs throughout, and a fully illustrated colour glossary. The authors are Paul Champion from NIWA, expert on plants of wet places; Trevor James of AgResearch, weed wizard and photographer; Ian Popay, formerly of both AgResearch and DOC and now of Landcare Research; and Kerry Ford of Landcare Research, professional agrostologist (look it up). An Illustrated Guide to Common Grasses, Sedges and Rushes of New Zealand covers both native and introduced species and therefore appeals to a wide audience from field professionals to keen amateurs.

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