An Extraordinary Land


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Rod Morris & Peter Hayden

Discoveries and Mysteries From Wild New Zealand

New Zealand is an extraordinary land. It has been called ‘the closest thing to life on another planet’ and ‘a planetary lifeboat’. the main reason behind this land’s uniqueness is that the islands have remained an isolated outpost for life in the midst of the ocean this isolation has been a huge advantage. It has turned New Zealand into a wild laboratory where evolution could conduct experiments that led to weird and wonderful outcomes. And this uniqueness has also made New Zealand a magnet for scientists from around the world; yet many locals have no idea what’s so special about their environment. These stories will present new Zealand’s wildlife as never before. It will solve some mysteries and explode some myths with the help of those at the front line of science and conservation.

Format: hardcover
Pages: 200
ISBN: 9781869509637
Publication: May 2013

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