Checklist of the Birds of New Zealand


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OSNZ | Fifth Edition 2022 | 335 pages

A limited print copy of the Fifth Edition. Compared to the previous (2010) edition, the new checklist gives much greater prominence to Māori bird names. The names used in the checklist are derived from a database of 2,515 Māori and Moriori bird names, compiled by Checklist Committee convenor (and NZ Birds Online editor) Dr Colin Miskelly. Dr Miskelly explained that a major motivation for his research was feedback sent to the NZ Birds Online website.

It provides details of the nomenclature, taxonomy, classification, status and distribution (current, historical and fossil) of every living and extinct species of New Zealand bird and, for the first time, includes complete synonymies. The Checklist of the Birds of New Zealand is a vital reference to New Zealand’s unique avifauna.

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