Climate Aotearoa


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edited by Helen Clark | Softcover | 327 pages | 2021

The science on climate change in Aotearoa New Zealand now and in the future, and what changes we all need to make.

With an introduction from Helen Clark and contributions from a range of climate scientists and commentators: Rob Bell, Jason Boberg, Adelia Hallett, Sophie Handford, Andrew Jeffs, Rhys Jones, Haylee Koroi, Matt McGlone, Jamie Morton, Rod Oram, Jim Salinger, Kera Sherwood-O’Regan and Simon Thrush.

These pieces outline the climate situation as it is now, and as it will be in years to come, describing the likely impact on the environment and on our day-to-day living situation.

They suggest the changes you can make for maximum impact, what we should be asking of our government and what we should be asking of our business community. This is a hopeful book – actions make the difference.

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