A World on the Wing


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Scott Weidensaul | Hardback | 385 pages | 2021

The global odyssey of migratory birds.

Bird migration remains perhaps the most singularly compelling natural phenomenon in the world. Nothing else combines its global sweep with its inherent ability to engender wonder and excitement.

The past two decades have seen an explosion in our understanding of the almost unfathomable feats of endurance and complexity involved in bird migration – yet the science that informs these majestic journeys is still relatively in its infancy.

Pulitzer Prize-shortlisted writer and ornithologist Scott Weidensaul is at the forefront of this cutting edge research, and A World on the Wing sees him track some of the most remarkable flights undertaken by birds around the world.

His own voyage of discovery sees himsail through the storm-wracked waters of the Bering Sea; encounter gunners and trappers in the Mediterranean; and visit a forgotten corner of northeast India; where former headhunters have turned one of the grimmest stories of migratory crisis into an unprecedented conservation success.

As our world comes increasingly under threat from the effects of climate change, these ecological miracles may provide an invaluable guide to a more sustainable future for ourselves. This is a rousing and relevant story of the billions of birds that, despite the numerous obstacles we have placed in their path, continue to head with hope to the far horizon.

‘A vaulting triumph of a book… compelling and often deeply moving, this is a summons for international co-operation and global conservation like no other’ – Isabella Tree, author of Wilding

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