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Brian Parkinson | 213 pages | paperback | 2022

Naturalist and author Brian Parkinson follows the main highways and backcountry roads, stopping off at New Zealand’s most spectacular locations.

The country’s isolation for millions of years means its flora and fauna are unique. Parkinson highlights forest birds, towering trees, glacial lakes, and active volcanoes which make New Zealand so special. From isolated beaches and out on the water, he draws attention to the seabirds and mammals of New Zealand’s coast.

But this is not just a road trip exploring the country’s beauty spots, Parkinson writes that ‘natural history is as much about history as it is about nature’ and examines how New Zealand’s natural environment has dramatically changed since people first stepped ashore. What we see today is the result of what happened in the past and all New Zealanders should explore the unique wildlife on our doorstep. It’s just a road trip away.

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