Foraging New Zealand



Over 250 Plants and Fungi to Forage in New Zealand

Peter Langlands

An essential guide to foraging in New Zealand.

New Zealand is full of incredible, edible wild foods — fruit, fungi and seaweed; berries, herbs and more — you only need to know where to look and how to do it safely.
Foraging New Zealand is the ultimate guide to unearthing more than 250 of our tastiest wild plants. Packed with stunning photography, up-to-date information and helpful tips, this book will have you venturing into the countryside, viewing urban weeds with fresh eyes, and returning to the larder with zest.
Peter Langlands has spent a lifetime compiling Aotearoa’s largest database of wild foraged species, running workshops and sourcing wild produce for chefs as one of our only licensed professional foragers. He brings his years of expertise together in this essential compendium.

Format: paperback
Pages: 512
ISBN: 9780143775898
Publication: April 2024

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