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One Year, Two Men, Three Rules, Ten Thousand Birds

Alex Horne

Join comedian Alex Horne on his epic year of competitive ornithology – a very funny true story of fathers, sons and the birds (not the bees)

Alex Horne is not a birdwatcher. But his dad is, so with the prospect of fatherhood looming on his own horizon, Alex decided there was no better time to really get to know both his father and his father’s favourite hobby. So he challenged his dad to a Big Year: from 1 January to 31 December they would each try to spot as many birds as possible; the one who spied the most species would be the victor. Along the way Alex would find out what makes his dad tick, pick up a bit of fatherly wisdom and perhaps even ‘get into’ birdwatching himself.

Join Alex as he journeys from Barnes to Bahrain in this charming tale of obsession, manliness, fathers and sons, and the highly amusing twists and turns of a year-long bird race.

Format: paperback
Pages: 384
ISBN: 9780753515761
Publication: August 2009


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