Life in the Estuary: illustrated guide and ecology


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Malcom B. Jones and Islay D. Marsden | 179 pages |  Spiral bound | 2005

Estuaries are places where rivers meet the sea, and they have a unique environment as a result of the mixing of fresh water with seawater. They  provide diverse opportunities for observing and understanding wildlife.

This guide to the estuarine environment describes the dominant organisms and their ecology.

Based on the successful formula of an earlier book (Animals of the Estuary Shore), Life in the Estuary includes easy to use keys and illustrations to identify many common species of plants and animals, including invertebrates, birds and fish.

Although based primarily on organisms found within the Avon-Heathcote Estuary, Christchurch, this book is an ideal beach-combing companion for the identification of common species found throughout New Zealand in estuaries, mudflats, rocky shores, salt marshes, sand and surf beaches.

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