New Zealand Seaweeds, an Illustrated Guide


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Wendy Nelson. 352 pages, paperback.

The definitive and expert guide to the seaweeds of New Zealand’s coastal waters.

This fully revised edition of the first ever photographic identification guide to New Zealand’s unique marine algae is by the country’s pre-eminent seaweed expert, Dr Wendy Nelson.

New Zealand Seaweeds: An Illustrated Guide describes over 150 genera and 250 key species across three main sections covering green, brown and red algae. Each species entry includes up-to-date information on nomenclature, type locality, morphology, habitat and distribution and gives notes on identification and key characters.

There are over 500 illustrations, and each entry is illustrated by either underwater or coastal photographs, supplemented by herbarium scans, microscopic photographs or reproductions of the paintings of celebrated botanical artist Nancy Adams.

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