Shorebirds of North America


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Dennis Paulson  260 pages  softcover

Identifying shorebirds can be a challenge and having a field guide specifically devoted to this group gives any birder an edge. Yet until now, no guide has illustrated or described the complete range of North and Central American shorebirds.

This beautifully illustrated volume represents the first complete guide to North and Central American shorebirds ever published. Unlike other guide books, which have traditionally relied on paintings to represent shorebirds, this one contains an extensive series of striking photographs – most never published before. More than 530 photos illustrate all shorebird species in their varied plumages, and are accompanied by text that points out the variation within each species.

The book also includes identification tips and ways to distinguish shorebirds from all similar species, at rest and in flight. Brief descriptions of voice, behaviour, habitat, and range are given for each species.

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