Sibley Birder’s Trivia


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A Card Game – 400 Questions to Test Every Birder’s Knowledge

David Allen Sibley

A game for birders to test their knowledge—with 200 cards offering 400 questions of varying difficulty about the birds of North America from the bestselling author and ornithologist David Allen Sibley.

True or false: Many dinosaurs (the ancestors of modern birds) had feathers.

If you answered “true,” you just won a point playing this ultimate ornithology trivia game. Sibley Birder’s Trivia offers 400 questions that will test your bird knowledge over five rich categories: Bird Identification, Bird Anatomy and Physiology, Bird Names, Bird Behavior, and Birds in Culture. The types of question vary: Q&A, true or false, and multiple choice. Each card offers two questions in a category, one easier and one harder. Players can choose which one they want to answer; the easy question is worth one point, while the hard one is worth two. If you answer the easier one correctly, you can move on to the harder one.

Format: boxed card set
Pages: 200 cards
ISBN: 9780593578124
Publication: May 2023

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