The Tree Book



The Stories, Science, and History of Trees


Discover trees as you’ve never seen them before in this illustrated blend of science, culture, and history. The secret world of trees is revealed in this beautiful and absorbing guide to the giants of the plant world. Trees have been a part of human history from the very beginning. Used for shelter, tools, fuel, and food, they also help supply the atmosphere with oxygen and form astonishingly diverse ecosystems, as well as some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes. Now the intricate world of leafy woodlands and abundant rainforests is revealed in this extensive visual guide to trees, exploring their key scientific traits and their ecological importance, as well as their enduring significance in human history and culture. From ancient oaks and great redwoods to lush banyans and imposing kapoks, The Tree Book reveals the anatomy, behaviours, and beauty of these incredible plants and habitats in detail. Combining natural history and a scientific overview with a wider look at the history, uses, symbolism, and mythology of trees, this book is a new kind of guide to these fascinating organisms.

Format: hardcover
Pages: 320
ISBN: 9780241487556
Publication: March 2022

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