12 Birds to Save Your Life


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Nature’s lessons in happiness

Charlie Corbett

Discover the healing power of nature through the captivating stories of twelve birds in this powerful memoir

Recognising his perspective on life was slipping following his mother’s untimely death, Charlie turned to the rhythms of the natural world for comfort and solace – in particular its birds. He found that through reconnecting with the wildlife all around him, the grief that once felt insurmountable he could now overcome.

His memoir is a heartfelt ode to the birds that helped him through the darkest of times, exploring in beautiful, lyrical detail this journey of rediscovery, and shows us there is joy to be found in the smallest of events, if we know where to look, and to listen.

Format: paperback
Pages: 304
ISBN: 9781405949217
Publication: May 2022

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