Birds New Zealand: beauty like no other


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Paul Gibson | 320 pages | 2018 | 2nd Edition | Hardback

This is no ordinary book, comprising 320 pages of absolute beauty. The pages take you on a journey full of colour and living imagery that showcases the beauty and variety of New Zealand’s birds. From the huge albatross of the southern ocean to the tiny rifleman of New Zealand’s bush, 290 birds are illustrated and described. A further 40 pages cover a range of topics from feathers and flocking to photography and locations.

The 2nd edition is fully revised, has 20 extra pages (now 320 in total), has about 80 more bird species, detailed or referenced (now over 290 in total), and around 75 new photos (now over 700 in total). New pages include information on Skeletal Anatomy, Flyways, Vagrant Birds and more.

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