Caring for Our Coast


An Environmental Defence Society guide to managing coastal development

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Lucy Brake and Raewyn Peart

This full colour, large format, hard cover publication includes extensive use of photographs and practical examples of good and poor practice. It has a user friendly tone and includes lots of check lists, maps and illustrations.

New Zealand has a long, varied and spectacular coastline. It supports a diverse range of habitats and species and is of enormous environmental, social, cultural and economic importance to New Zealanders. With the growing pressures and threats facing this country’s coastal environment, we are at risk of losing many of these significant values.

This fully updated and expanded Guide to managing New Zealand’s coastal environment sets out how these challenges can be better addressed. It identifies how the strengthened provisions of the New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement 2010 can be proactively implemented to achieve better outcomes for the coast.

The guide describes the valuable lessons learnt over the past decade in the planning and design of coastal developments and offers insights into current best practice in the field. It is an invaluable resource for coastal developers, coastal managers, professional advisors, students, people living in coastal communities and everyone else concerned with better managing and protecting New Zealand’s coastal environment.

Format: hardcover
Pages: 264
ISBN: 9780987666031
Publication: October 2013

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