Checklist of the Birds of New Zealand

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Ornithological Society of New Zealand. Brian Gill (Editor) 499 pages softcover | 4th Edition 2010

This 2010 edition of the Checklist of the Birds of New Zealand is the official list of all the birds in the New Zealand region, including Norfolk and Macquarie Islands, and the Ross Dependency, Antarctica. Published in association with the Ornithological Society of New Zealand, this comprehensive guide was compiled by the Society’s Checklist Committee. It provides details of the nomenclature, taxonomy, classification, status and distribution (current, historical and fossil) of every living and extinct species of New Zealand bird and, for the first time, includes complete synonymies. More than fifty species have been added, along with thorough bibliographic references, a list of Maori bird names, indexes of current names and taxonomic synonyms, and updated maps. The Checklist of the Birds of New Zealand is a vital reference to New Zealand’s unique avifauna.

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