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Janet Hunt | 40 pages | 2009 | softcover

**WINNER of the Non-fiction Award in the 2010 NZ Post Children’s Book Awards

This is the true story of two bar-tailed godwits, a male named E3 and a female named E7. In 2007 they were among 16 birds tagged with satellite transmitters by scientists who wanted to know where they flew when they left New Zealand in autumn every year.

The scientists knew that bar-tailed godwits raised their chicks on the tundra in Alaska in the northern spring. They also knew that in the southern summer the birds lived around the coasts of New Zealand and the South Pacific. Clearly, they were flying from one place to the other, a mega round-trip of at least 30,000 kilometers. But, the scientists asked, what route do they take? Do they stop along the way? What dangers do they face?

The transmitters were going to help them find out. Females are larger than males, so E7’s transmitter was implanted into her body and powered by a battery. E3’s transmitter was solar powered and carried on his back.

E7 became famous, a media darling with her photo in all the papers. But what happened to E3? Why did he stop calling home?

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