Living Green


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Annmaree Kane, Christina Neubert | 288 pages | Soft cover | 2008

Worldwide and here in New Zealand, green issues have moved firmly from the fringe into the mainstream. More and more of us are concerned about the impact of our lifestyles upon our health and the environment, but are overwhelmed by the barrage of conflicting advice out there. To take positive action, whether it’s a change of washing powder or reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, we need reliable, balanced and practical information. Welcome to Living Green.

Living Green is divided into two parts to meet every reader’s needs.

Part One provides 10 easy steps that everyone can take, from choosing more eco-friendly shampoo and eating ‘super foods’ to recycling waste and reducing energy consumption.

Part Two delivers more information, on a broader scale and in greater depth. The 10 easy steps are further consolidated and all the lifestyle and environmental issues that challenge New Zealanders daily are discussed.

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