Seaweeds of Auckland


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Mike Wilcox | 421 pages | 2018 | hardcover

Seaweeds of Auckland documents and illustrates the seaweed flora of Auckland’s extensive and varied coastline. The marine habitats of these shores range from protected inner reaches of harbours and estuaries to severely exposed rocky shores of the west coast, and from the upper intertidal to the subtidal zone.

Part One describes the seaweed assemblages occurring on the various sections of Auckland’s seashores. Part Two is a compendium of the individual species, cataloguing the biodiversity of Auckland’s seaweeds using the most recent taxonomy and classification, and including brief descriptions, photographs, and herbarium records detailing where and when each species has been found. Brown, yellow-gree, red and green algae are fully treated, and there is coverage of the more prominent marine blue-green algae, larger diatoms, and maritime lichens.

The information in this book has been gathered by the author mainly over the period 2005-2017 through field surveys, sample collections and laboratory examination; through study of reports, theses and scientific publications; through collaboration with several researchers in New Zealand and overseas; and through curation of the algae collections in the Auckland War Memorial Museum and reference to Auckland algae samples held in other herbaria.

Proceeds from the sale of this book will go to the Auckland Botanical Society’s Lucy Cranwell Student Grant to support botanical research, including ongoing studies of seaweeds.

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