Which New Zealand Spider?



Andrew Crowe |64 pages | paperback

  • Some 60 New Zealand spiders and their relatives (both common and rare) are covered; described here and illustrated with 130 photographs.
  • A simple way to identify New Zealand’s native and introduced spiders.
  • In this new companion to his award-winning Which New Zealand Insect? Andrew Crowe showcases New Zealand spiders, with practical details on how, when and where to find them.
  • The author continues in his typically entertaining style to weave in many odd and surprising acts – such as how best to eat big spiders, which ones fly, and how to use spider webs for catching fish or for stopping flying bullets.


You can also learn here:

    • Which spiders somersault or jump
    • Which spiders walk on water, live under the sea or in caves
    • Whether the whitetailed spider really is dangerous
    • How to findand recognise a native katipo spider
    • Which spiders brave slime to feed on garden snails
    • Who wins when a hunting wasp goes after a trapdoor spider

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