Kea : Curiouser and curiouser



Annemarie Florian | 32 pages | paperback

The Kea is the only parrot in the world that lives in alpine areas and it faces increasing threats to its survival. Kea are incredibly intelligent birds with advanced problem-solving skills and capacity for learning. This social bird is known for its interaction with visitors to national parks and its inquisitive antics can become somewhat annoying. A combination of first-person monologue and a fact-based story paint a vivid portrait of this unique parrot, its habitat, special characteristics and the challenges it faces for its future. Striking illustrations capture the cheeky and engaging personality of this special parrot, its distinctive plumage and its rugged habitat and together with the text conveys why the Kea is a natural treasure.

This is the fourth book from Annemarie Florian in this series introducing threatened species. Her book Kiwi: the Real Story won the Children’s Choice Non-Fiction award in 2013.

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