New Zealand Bird Calls


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Lynette Moon, Geoff Moon, John Kendrick, Karen Baird | 46 pages | Soft cover | 2018

The next time you’re in a quiet spot outdoors – whether it’s the garden, park, forest, coast or high country – pause to listen, and you are more than likely to hear birdsong. This book will help you get to know the birds of New Zealand by their calls.

Author Lynette Moon gives 60 concise accounts of the country’s best-loved birds, covering their habitat, appearance, and behaviour. A description of their calls, along with photographs from the magnificent collection of her late husband Geoff Moon completes an attractive, fact-packed and useful guide.

60 links to birds’ songs and calls, recorded in the wild by renowned wildlife sound recordist John Kendrick and prepared for this collection by Karen Baird of the Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society. Each track is introduced by acclaimed New Zealand actor George Henare.

This new edition of New Zealand Bird Calls now includes QR codes to scan and listen to the bird calls through the app on your smart phone.

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