The Alarmist


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Dave Lowe | paperback | 271 pages | 2021

‘The Alarmist shows that advances in science are driven by real people living a real life. Dave breaks the mould by bringing together his personal and family life with his focus on science and his innovative flair that grew from working with other top scientist.’ – PROF. MARTIN MANNING, FOUNDER OF THE CLIMATE CHANGE RESEARCH INSTITUTE AT VICTORIA UNIVERSITY OF WELLINGTON

‘Dave Lowe fisrt sounded the alarm about the unfolding climate crisis more than forty years ago, when he began charting the relentlessly rising curve of atmospheric carbon dioxide above the southern hemisphere. He was witnessing a distressing change – both as he gathered data and spent time surfing the ocean waves he loved – and acted as we expect all scientists to act when they uncover a clear signal of approaching danger. Despite decades of deliberate disinformation campaigns and political apathy, he hasn’t stopped since. As we enter a crucial decade that will tip the scales between hope for the planet and climate disaster, it’s time we heeded the warnings.’ – VERONIKA MEDUNA, AUTHOR OF TOWARDS A WARMER WORLD: WHAT CLIMATE

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